End of Year Review

December 26, 2019


As you take stock of the quickly passing year, reflect on the past and make future goals, be sure to include insurance as one of the items to ponder.

Just like a regular checkup on your car, a yearly exam at the doctor or a financial review, it is important to have the right coverage for your home, auto and life.  Don’t miss the opportunity to review and make updates.


Home Insurance

Whether you received some precious holiday gifts or been adding to your inventory all year, be sure to ask if they need coverage or updated coverage.  Think:

**jewelry or art

**home remodel—inside or out

**pool addition

**addition of certain dog breeds


Auto Insurance

If you are lucky enough to have a car with no loan, don’t forget to make sure your coverage is adequate.  Based on the value (i.e. trade in or sale), you might need to change the deductible or the comprehensive/collision.

And if you have a shiny new car, don’t pass up on uninsured/underinsured motorist property damage coverage.  You might need to look into gap insurance as well to validate your loan amount can be covered if the car is deemed a total loss.

Other things to think of:

**teenager getting ready to drive

**discounts and reward plans

**new/different job (more or less driving miles)


Health Insurance

Even if you are ‘healthy as an ox’, make sure you are getting the maximum value from your policy by taking advantage of preventative services, prescription drug benefits and Health Savings Accounts.  Make updates to any of your profile information such as address or family status.  Finally, look toward any changes you might need to incorporate in the coming year.


Life Insurance

There is no doubt that life changes happen all the time.  But if you have experienced a major change in the last year, you might want to validate your existing or purchase a new life insurance policy.  Think:





Business Insurance


As tax season approaches, review your business owner’s policy to make sure you are meeting all state requirements.   As your agent about other coverage needed to stay up to date on employee and worker’s comp.


You might be surprise to learn that every day life events can change your premium costs.  For example, turning 50 will surely raise your health insurance costs.  Student drivers with good grades can get a discount on the auto insurance.  Your overall credit score can have an affect on all insurance policies, depending on the circumstances.


So, as they say, no time like the present. 



Don’t miss on out on reviewing your insurance needs.  At California Southwest Insurance Agency, we can help you determine the right levels, limits, and deductibles of coverage to suit your needs in the New Year. Contact us today for unparalleled personal service.




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