Blame it on the Roman’s

February 27, 2019


The years fly by as the saying goes, but February takes the cake.  Why only 28 days?  It’s the Roman’s fault!  Our modern calendar is loosely based on their old, confusing one. 


As legend has it, the first king of Rome (Romulus) devised a lunar calendar that was basically 10 months long measuring the time from spring equinox in March through December. 


Then the second king, Numa Pompilius, worked to make it more accurate to sync it with an actual lunar year (approximately 355 days).  In order to do this, he tacked on ‘2 months’ after December, giving us January and February.  One had 29 days and one 28.


But it still wasn’t quite right.  The calendar didn’t yet account for the time it took for the earth to orbit the sun (i.e. seasons).  Thus, began the very complicated calculation of adding an extra month of 27 days after February 23 every couple of year to even it out.  The pontiffs in charge of that didn’t always hit the mark and were known to skew the calendar in order to give themselves more time off!


Fast forward to 45 BC when Julius Caesar commissioned an expert to change from a lunar view to a solar view, much like the Egyptians.  With this they added 10 days to the overall year and threw an extra day onto February every 4 years. 


The calendar year now averaged out to 365.25 days which is amazingly close to the actual number of 365.2425.


Regardless of the genesis of our current calendar, February has been stuck with its shortness but makes up for it in national holidays.  Take a look at the list below and find something to celebrate.

1 Bubble Gum Day - first Friday of the month


1 National Freedom Day


1. No Politics Day


1 Spunky Old Broads Day


2 Candlemas


2 Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day - first Saturday of month


2 Ground Hog Day


3 Feed the Birds Day


3 Superbowl Sunday - Superbowl 53, date varies


3 The Day the Music Died - Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper died in a plane crash in 1959.


4 Create a Vacuum Day


4 Stuffed Mushroom Day


4 Thank a Mailman Day


5 Chinese New Year - date varies


5 National Weatherman's Day


6 Lame Duck Day


6 National Chopsticks Day


7 Wave All you Fingers at Your Neighbor Day


7 Send a Card to a Friend Day - obviously created by a card company


8 Boy Scout Day - celebrates the birthday of scouting


8 Kite Flying Day - in the middle of winter!?!


9 National Pizza Day


9 Toothache Day


10 Umbrella Day


11 Clean out Your Computer Day - second Monday of Month


11 Don't Cry over Spilled Milk Day


11 Make a Friend Day


11 National Inventors Day


11 White T-Shirt Day


12 Abraham Lincoln's Birthday


12 National Lost Penny Day


12 Plum Pudding Day


13 Get a Different Name Day


14 Ferris Wheel Day


14 National Organ Donor Day


14 Valentine's Day


15 Candlemas - on the Julian Calendar


15 National Gum Drop Day


15 Singles Awareness Day


15 Susan B Anthony Day


16 Do a Grouch a Favor Day


17 Random Acts of Kindness Day


18 National Battery Day


18 National Drink Wine Day


18 President's Day - third Monday of month


19 National Chocolate Mint Day


20 Cherry Pie Day


20 Hoodie Hoo Day


20 Love Your Pet Day


21 Card Reading Day


22 George Washington's Birthday


22 Be Humble Day


22 International World Thinking Day


22 National Margarita Day


22 Walking the Dog Day


23 International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day


23 Open That Bottle Night - last Saturday of month


23 Tennis Day


24 National Tortilla Chip Day


24 Oscar Night - date varies


24 World Bartender Day


25 Pistol Patent Day


26 Carnival Day


26 National Pistachio Day - it's a nutty day!


26 Tell a Fairy Tale Day


27 Polar Bear Day


27 No Brainer Day - this day is for me!


28 Floral Design Day


28 National Chili Day


28 Public Sleeping Day


28 National Tooth Fairy Day - and/or August 22


    Leap Day - not this year, not until 2020, once every four years


   Winter Olympics begin, Opening Ceremony - not until 2022


   Winter Olympics end, Closing Ceremony - not until 2022


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