New Year, New Stuff

January 14, 2019



The annual Consumer Electronics Show just wrapped another year. 

In excess of 4,500 exhibitors, over 180,000 visitors and more than 2.9 million square feet filled with gadgets and technologies, the potential to change the lives of billions of people is tangible. 


While it seems that every company is working on new items to make life easier and more efficient, not all of them make it to market.  And unless you visited the show and stopped at each booth, you probably don’t have any way of knowing what new ‘toy’ you should be rooting for. 


Take a look at some of the favorites or more interesting submissions this year. The Foldmate promises to fold a full load of laundry.  It looks somewhat like a mini fridge and is supposed to fold 25 clothing items in under 5 minutes.  













Kohler announced a new smart toilet. The company's intelligent toilet will provide a "fully immersive experience".  This latest model showcases a self-rinsing design with a heated seat, ambient lighting, voice control and Amazon Alexa support.  But that’s not all—the personalized cleansing feature uses warm water and alternates between gentle and firm pressure if you choose to use it as an alternative to toilet paper.















Pillo is a voice-operated assistant that manages wellness regiments. By loading its 28-day operating schedule with any combination of medications, the user can have their meds dispensed to them without concern.  Additionally, it offers appointment reminders.















Picobrew has a line of home brewing systems but their new one brews up to 10 gallons of cold brew, beer or kombucha.  Using pre-existing recipes, the resulting beers can be drinkable in two weeks.



















Puppy Cube can turn any surface into an interactive one, using its ultra-short-throw projector. Users can simply sit it at a distance from an intended location and watch as the floor, table, desk, etc. becomes a connected screen.  Great while cooking to show recipes on the counter or take how-to video’s where you need them.















Pepper is a smart scale with an associated app that tells the weight, total fat, total carbs, calories and much more.  By adding your daily intake to your nutrition log, you can work to achieve goals.
















And what techie show wouldn’t be complete with some new version of the old standby—TV.  Samsung first showed off “The Wall” modular television last year but came back with a bigger one measuring a whopping 219 inches in diameter. The company also showed off a 75-inch 4K version based on the same modules, and demonstrated how consumers may be able to assemble screens of any size in minutes by just snapping the tiles together.














And since a wall of TV might be a bit costly, saving on the cable bill is always a bonus.  Tablo has been offering cord cutters a way to record broadcast TV and stream it for a while. 


This year’s enhancement included 4 tuners so you can record up to 4 shows at the same time as well as improved buffering.  But best of all, the Quad device showcases a new ad-skipping feature that uses cloud-based video analysis to jump over commercials.


Imagine a ‘normal’ day with any or all of the above products.  And then throw in a few more futuristic ideas not shared in this blog.  It seems that your morning routine or you evening couch lounging is getting an upgrade with all sorts of things you didn’t even know you needed—or wanted!


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