Pet Safety: That Dog Nearly Bit Me!

September 8, 2014

I was out in the neighborhood the other day when I was reminded of an important message I thought worth sharing…  

A friend’s dog had what appeared to be an injured paw – as I approached the dog (which I knew) it snarled and growled at me like it had never done so, snapping it’s teeth at me and just missing my hand!  

And then I remembered – hurt animals (even one’s familiar to us) don’t always act as we expect and we need to take extra care around them.

I jotted down some helpful hints that could save a pet's life AND protect you or a member of your family and I wanted to share:

Approach the ill or injured pet slowly and cautiously. Even your own pet can become aggressive when in pain or scared.

Don't make any sudden or loud movements; you might scare the animal.

If needed, use towels or blankets to subdue cats or small dogs.

Keep your veterinarian's phone number and address in a convenient location (near the phone, perhaps?) in your home.



Keep the phone number and address of an after-hours veterinary clinic, as well as directions to that clinic, in a convenient location. If possible, call the clinic ahead of time so that the on-duty staff knows you're coming and knows the nature of your pet's illness or injury.
Hopefully you will never have to deal with a situation where you need to seek emergency aid for an animal, but if you do, exercise caution-protect yourself first and then protect the animal.

I am happy to report the dog is on the mend, though not so pleased about his ‘cone of shame’…

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