Extra Time Can Help The Bottom Line

February 1, 2016


Businesses operating in California face many financial obstacles. One of the many financial obstacles that face California Businesses is Workers Compensation Insurance. It is a costly, but essential protection. For RV Parks and Campgrounds, Workers Compensation Insurance can be one of the most costly insurance coverages purchased.


Are there ways that RV Park and Campground Owners can help to reduce the cost of their workers compensation insurance and positively affect their bottom line?


The answer is yes!


One of the best ways RV Park Owners and business owners can reduce the cost of their workers compensation insurance is maintaining a favorable loss ratio. A business’s loss ratio is the ratio of claim payments made by the insurer to the amount of premium paid by the client.


There are many ways for Park Owners to help positively influence their loss ratio. One way to improve the loss ratio of your RV Parks or Campgrounds is to implement training for all new and experienced employees.


California’s Department of Industrial Relations released statistics in 2012 that show 1 in every 3 workplace injuries involve employees that had been on the job for less than a year. Many of the work place injuries that occurred with new employees could have been prevented with a more formal “On the Job Training.” Training is essential to set limitations on what employees can do and to ensure that they will not be performing tasks in a manner that makes them more susceptible to injury.


California’s Department of Industrial Relation’s findings also show that 2 out of 3 workplace injuries occur with experienced employees. There are some indications that after working at one place for an extended period of time, employees can become complacent. Complacency can lead to workplace injuries more often than inexperience.


These findings show that on the job training for new employees and continued training for experienced employees is critical to prevent injuries and workers compensation claims. Successful on the job training programs typically include some of the following guidelines:


  • The trainer should spend some time preparing for the training session. It is important that the trainer reviews the processes and procedures that will be taught to the employee so that they are ready to effectively present the methods to be used.

  • The job and tasks that will be performed need to be comprehensively explained to the employee. The expected goals of the job, the required equipment, the importance of using specific methods and procedures should be explained along with some potential consequences if procedures are not followed.

  • After thoroughly explaining the job to the trainee, the trainer should demonstrate the step-by-step safe methods that they are expected to use. Explain that shortcuts cannot be taken as they can result in injury.

  • After demonstrating the job, ask the trainee to explain what they observe and confirm that they have a strong understanding of the job.

  • When you are confident the employee has a firm understanding of the job have them perform the task while explaining each step of the job. Allow the trainee to perform the task until they fully understand it.

  • When the employee understands how to perform the job correctly and safely, then you can allow the employee to start working.

  • Over the course of the next few week, monitor the employee to make sure that they continue to utilize the techniques an/or processes taught to them to perform the job correctly. It is also wise to assign an experienced mentor to the employee to ensure that they are receiving the support they need on the job.

With the use of the above training methods and some of your own ideas, you should be able to help reduce the risk of workplace injury at your RV park or campground. Reducing the chance of workplace injury in your park will lead to a better loss ratio and lower workers compensation premiums. A formal on the job training program might be your next step to improving the bottom line of your RV park or campground.


California Southwestern Insurance Agency is CalARVC’s preferred provider for liability and workers compensation insurance.  Visit http://bit.do/RVParkInsurance for more info.

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