How Can Technology Help Your Restoration Business's Productivity?

August 18, 2014


Restoration Contractors rely heavily on their tools and equipment to complete jobs with high quality construction in an efficient manner. With the influx of technology that is available in the marketplace it may be time to consider some new technologies that will either expand the services you can offer or increase your business's efficiency. A couple new tools may be just what you need to leave your competition in the dust.


Some of the new and/or improved technologies available to restoration contractors include Packout Software, Hydroxyl Generators, and Mobile Floor Plan Dimensioning. Each of these technologies could help to either improve the services you provide or increase the efficiency with which you can complete a job.


Mobile Floor Plan Dimensioning


Mobile Floor Plan Dimensioning is a newer technology that is readily available and easier to use than ever before. With Mobile Floor Plan Dimensioning you will have the ability to measure a room using your Smart Phone or your Tablet. The measurements can then be uploaded directly to your Restoration Estimator, eliminating the need for double entry of dimensions while seamlessly creating a floor plan.

Below are a few tips that can help you to make your measurements more accurate with your Dimensioning Technology 

  • Make sure to calibrate your device before measuring a room. Often times all that is required to calibrate the smart phone or tablet is to measure a wall that you already know the dimensions of and compare them with the dimensions calculated in your app.

  • When measuring a room it is important that you hold your phone at a steady height when. If you move your phone or tablet up and down too much while measuring a wall it can throw your dimensions off.

  • Rooms should be well lit when attempting to measure with Mobile Dimensioning Technology. If the room you are measuring is not well lit the camera used on your phone or tablet will not be able to clearly define corners of the room. Thus throwing off your measurements.

Tons of information can be found online about Mobile Floor Plan Dimensioning with just a quick google search.


Hydroxyl Generators


Hydroxyl Generators are being successfully used by Restoration Contractors to remove odors from rooms or buildings that have damage from fire, smoke, flood, decomposition, pet urine and much more. Hydroxyl Generators have one key benefit over the Ozone Generators that are typically used in the Removal of Odor. The key benefit is safety.


Hydroxyl Generators do not release or generate any chemicals that harmful to people. This means that a business that has sustained odor damage can stay in operation while the generators are running. This also means that a homeowner who has sustained flood damage can live in their home while the musty smell is removed by the Hydroxyl Generator. Insurance companies love this because it prevents the need for paying a homeowner’s additional living expenses such as a hotel room or restaurant tab.


Using Hydroxyl Generators in your Restoration Business might just help to give you a leg up over some of your competition when it comes to work referred out by insurance companies. You can learn more about Hydroxyl Generators and how they work Here.


Packout Software


Packout Software may be one of the best products available to Restoration Contractors. Packout Software can increase your business’s efficiency and accuracy significantly while on a job. Packout Software is available for Smart Phones and Tablets making it extremely convenient and easy to use.

Some of the tasks that Packout Software will help you with on a job include:

Listing Contents that are being removed from the home or business and allowing for you to take a photo of the item to match.

  • Packout Software can store detailed information on items such as brand, model number and serial number.

  • Records who did the packaging

  • Allows for you to create an invoice for cleaning charges

  • Manage the contents of the home or business, such as whether it was cleaned, returned, or disposed of.

These are just some of the ways that Packout Software can help to increase efficiency, accuracy and profitability while at a packout job.

Technology is improving at a rapid rate and can be used to your business’s advantage. By staying a step ahead of your competition and increasing productivity you should be able to increase your company's profitability. This is true of just about every field of work and most certainly holds true for Restoration Contractors.


Image 1: 'After the flood' by my_southborough licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

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