How New And Proposed Gun Legislation Is Affecting The Firearms Retailer and Gun Range Insurance Needs?

May 8, 2014


The increased demand for firearms and gun services like gunsmithing or CCW classes has led many businesses to expand into offering additional services without considering if their current insurance policy includes the coverage. At California Southwestern Insurance, we know what additional coverage is need to properly protect your business.


Firearms retailers and gun ranges that offer classes on self-defense and carrying a concealed weapon are seeing a marked uptick in enrollment, due in large part to the recent court ruling in California which bars the requirement of law-abiding citizens to demonstrate specialized “good cause” in their needs for protection.  Due to the rise in CCW applications, more and more retailers and gun ranges are now offering conceal carry classes which open up new professional liability exposures.  New legislation that targets concealed carry laws will impact what is taught so instructors will need to be on top of any and all changes.


Due to the high demand, we are seeing more gun shops going into the manufacturing and gunsmithing side without knowing what coverages they need.  Carriers have started to get more technical with gun dealers or shops that are doing any sort of gun building or assembly. It is important for any shop who is considering any type of gun building, re-manufacturing, or assembly to be classified as a manufacturer or gunsmith to the insurance carrier. You must have the right coverage for the right exposures. 


California Southwestern Insurance Agency covers firearm accessory manufacturers; firearm instructors; firearm retailers, wholesalers and distributors; gunsmiths; gun shops and shooting ranges; as well as hunting clubs and preserves. Coverages for these classes vary by what they are involved with so it’s important to have a broker who understands the varying risks.


If you have any questions regarding insurance for your Firearms store or Shooting Range, please call or email Jim Kane at 1-800-848-5882 or email Checkout our website at


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