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Insuring 10,000 Mobile Homes In California

We have been providing insurance to Mobile Homeowners since 1972. Over the years we have provided thousands of homeowners with the best rates and service available.


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Providing Insurance To Mobile Homeowners For 45 Years
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At California Southwestern Insurance Agency, we have been a leading provider of Mobile Home Insurance for 45 Years. We Currently handle insurance for more than 10,000 Mobile Homes, Manufactured Homes, Trailers, and Coaches.  We are dedicated to the Manufactured Housing Industry and can help you to find the right coverage for your home at the lowest possible price.


An Entire Department Dedicated To Serving Manufactured Home Owners

Unlike other insurance agencies, we have an entire department that is dedicated to serving manufactured home owners. Our Mobile Home Department consists of four knowledgeable insurance agents that have spent several years working with Mobile Home Owners and their families. 

Experience in the manufactured housing industry has given our agents the ability to quickly determine the needs of each client. Once your coverage needs are determined, an insurance policy is tailored to meet them at the lowest possible cost.

The process of securing a quote is quick and easy and can be handled with a simple phone call, email or request through our Website.


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We Understand How Important Your Home Is To You

We understand just how important your Manufactured Home is to you. Like owners of homes in tract housing developments, Mobile Home Owners spend a tremendous amount of time and money on their homes. The effort and money Manufactured Homeowners invest into their homes has completely changed the negative stigma that was once associated with being a Mobile Home Owner.  


Manufactured Homes are now seen as valuable assets that in many communities across California fill a vital role in the housing market. Many California cities have a very high cost of homeownership. Mobile Homes allow many families and individuals in these cities to purchase a home that offers more space than an apartment or condo at a fraction of the price of a traditional site built home.


With the growing demand for manufactured housing, values of mobile homes are as steady as ever. This is why it is extremely important to insure your home properly. We have 45 years of experience evaluating the coverage that is needed for manufactured homes. We can help ensure that you are covered the right way.



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