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What is Management Liability Insurance?

In today's hectic business climate there has never been a more challenging time for owners and managers in running a business. We understand you are responsible for a large and diverse workforce. Unfortunately, no one business is immune to management liability risks. Businesses in every industry and of all sizes, including private or public companies, or not-for-profit organizations can be affected by lawsuits. We know that despite the best of intentions, breaches of regulations and compliance can still happen and shareholders expectations can be mismanaged. These scenarios can bring liability exposure to company directors, officers and managers. That's why management liability coverage is critical to every business to address the specific management liability challenges that you face.

Types of Coverage

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    Yes, this coverage can help protect those who run the company or protect the company itself from your clients, employees and governmental entities.

    Yes, companies of all sizes can be the target of an Employment Practices Liability. Even baseless claims can result in significant defense costs. Any employee or third party can file a lawsuit that can cost your company tens of thousands of dollars in defense costs alone.

    Yes, loss resulting from damage to or corruption of the insured's electronic data and computer programs are a high risk for business owners.

    There are many claims that affect your business under this coverage. For example, the most common types of claims involve Embezzlement, Employment Theft of Money, Robbery Off Premises or collusion.

    Chemical exposure occurs when the body is exposed to dangerous chemicals like asbestos, lead, benzene, pesticides, cadmium, beryllium, mercury, silica, paint, solvents, and acids. Injuries due to exposure to certain harmful chemicals can include burns, rashes, throat and lung injuries, and even more dangerous consequences like neurological injuries. Employers who put employees at risk of chemical exposure should require proper safety attire including goggles, gloves, helmets, body suits, and having proper means of ventilation.

    You can let your CSIA agent know, but to get the claims process rolling fast, you can report a claim online period.

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