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Some of the biggest entertainment attractions these days are the Craft Breweries that are opening up in almost every city. Craft Breweries are great places to catch up with friends, cool down after a long day of work or soak in the big game. What makes these breweries so interesting is that each one has something unique to offer.


Some are microbreweries and all they do is beer. Each time you visit they have a new beer that has to be tasted. Others are Brew Pubs that offer an array of tasty appetizers and entrees to go with their Craft Brews. The contrast between each Craft Brewery not only makes them interesting, it makes them complicated to insure.


When designing a Craft Brewery Insurance program for your Microbrewery, Regional Brewery, Contract Brewery or Brew Pub it is important that your agent understands the ins and outs of your operation. At California Southwestern Insurance Agency we make a strong effort to understand all of the aspects of your operation so that we can identify your Brewery's greatest exposures. Once your exposures are identified we will craft an insurance program to meet your Brewery's unique coverage needs.


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When purchasing insurance coverage for your Craft Brewery, there are many important coverages to consider. Some of these coverages include but are not limited to, General Liability, Commercial Property, Business Income and Equipment Breakdown.



General Liability Insurance


General Liability Coverage will protect your business against claims made if someone is injured while visiting your brewery. It is extremely important that your business maintains General Liability Limits that are adequate to protect you from any possible litigation. A simple slip and fall claim at your brewery can result in a serious financial loss if you are not protected with the right Craft Brewery Insurance policy.


Commercial Property Insurance


Commercial Property Insurance is an essential protection for your Craft Brewery and does not just cover your building. It also covers all of your business personal property such as your stock finished and unfinished, equipment and machinery, tables, chairs and more. When purchasing commercial property insurance it is important to make sure all of your property is protected with an adequate limit of insurance.


Business Income


Business Income is another commercial property coverage, but it is one of the most important coverages you can purchase. Business income coverage with extra expense will provide you with the money you need to cover your expenses after a loss. If your brewery were to catch on fire and you were unable to operate for 6 months or a year it would be a real struggle to continue paying your mortgage or lease and other expenses. A Business Income extension to your California Microbrewery Insurance, if purchased correctly, will allow you to maintain your income while your business is being repaired.


Equipment Breakdown


As a Craft Brewer, you rely heavily on your equipment and machinery to produce your product with quality and efficiency. Without your Brew Kettles, Mash Tuns, Bright Tanks, Fermenters, and Water Supply your business would grind to a halt. How much money would you lose if one or more of these machines was out of commission for even just a day or two? Equipment Breakdown Coverage will provide protection for your business against loss of income resulting from the breakdown of your equipment. It will also provide coverage for things such as the repair or replacement of your equipment, spoilage and increased cost to operate.


These are just a few of the coverages that should be considered when purchasing insurance coverage for your Brewery. If you would like to discuss our Microbrewery Insurance further please feel free to give us a call at (949) 707-0471 .



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